FRONT LINE STAFF:Will and Mary Ann

TECHNICIANS:Brett, Trevor, Darren and Will

Midtown Auto Staff

My dad Bill inspired me by working with me to rebuild snowmobiles, dirt bikes and classic cars. He started B'n'W Small Engines in 1992 and seeing how happy he made people with a good experience, I decided to expand the business to auto repair starting Midtown Auto in 1999.

Will Gimblet is an owner, technician, husband to Deb and father of three: Zoey, Nathan and Hannah. The Gimblet family has resided in the Arthur community for over 100 years.

Will has worked on a wide range of vehicles from a 1914 Pachard bus, vintage cars, dirt bikes and motorhomes, to brand new vehicles installing accessories and upgrades.

Will was top of his class in automotive technician, and the Local Business of the Year from Chamber of Commerce 2011.

All our technicians and apprentices are continuously upgrading their training to stay up-to-date on the latest vehicles, changes and test equipment.

The combined knowledge of the Midtown Auto Technicians is over 50 years experience and growing!

Midtown Auto Staff